Bats in your house? Get rid of bats today, we provide bat removal/control by non chemical methods
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Get Rid of the Bats from your house and attic. Call now to schedule one of our bat removal experts for a bat inspection or eviction quote.

Bat Removal and Control

Our bat removal and control method is called a bat eviction. Simply put we allow the bats leave naturally out of your house and attic unharmed and without the use of chemicals. Once outside in their natural habitat the bats are permanently excluded from your house, attic and walls.
American Pest Solutions has been performing bat removal/control by eviction for over 25 years now. If your truely looking for a company with extensive bat removal experience from houses and attics you need to look no further. We will come out to your house and provide you with an exact price for the work and we offer a superior 3 year guaranatee!!!


We arrive with a fully equipped truck. We start by sealing all gaps 1/4 inch and larger that bats may be able to use, screen or cap all ventilation systems if needed, and install a special 1-way exit valves over the bat entry points. This allows the bats to exit from your attic, house, or building through the 1-way bat valve. But once out the bats cannot reenter thru the special bat valves, and all other possible entry points have already been sealed. Simply put once the bats leave they cannot reenter.

Many people make mistakes trying to solve bat problems on there own. Main entry points are only a small step to removing bats. Secondary entry points that bats may use are also very important. After the bats have been excluded they will search the exterior of the house relentlessly in effort to find a new entry area. We recommend the hiring of a professional with experience to remove the bats from your house, attic and buildings.

Bat Removal Guaranteed

American Pest Solutions guarantees results. If any issues arise APS will come out, re-inspect the home, and fix any problem covered under our guarantee at no charge.

Have you heard "you get what you pay for" & "a warranty is only as good as the company". American Pest Solutions has been in business for over two decades with 15,000 satisfied customers and counting.
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